Criteria For Selecting A Laboratory Homogenizer
Criteria For Selecting A Laboratory Homogenizer

Criteria For Selecting A Laboratory Homogenizer

Homogenizers are valuable instruments in medical and research settings. These high-speed mixers assist to reduce varied chemical or biological lab samples to tiny molecules of uniform size. They are designed to carry out a wide number of functions like blending, mixing, emulsifying, disrupting, dispersing or stirring.

Homogenization is a vital pattern preparation step preceding the accurate evaluation of proteins, nucleic acids, pathogens and other samples. A clear understanding about the different homogenizing methods can assist in choosing the fitting system for a selected application. Lab homogenizer product specifications embody media viscosity, capacity, feed rate, motor velocity, motor energy, pressure range, and working temperature.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Homogenizer

Homogenizers often utilize pre-crammed micro tubes with ceramic beads for disruption and mixing of samples. This is supported by the oscillation or reciprocal motion of the device. They're used to complete DNA, RNA or mRNA extractions mixed with other procedures involving homogenization of samples without the degradation of nucleic acids. These devices are available in various models such as handheld and benchtop and electrically powered to compressed air powered. As there many alternative types of devices, considering certain factors can help in choosing the right mannequin for a specific application:

Motor power - Consider the drive motor energy of the system which is expressed when it comes to watts. A lightweight, handheld homogenizer will probably be excellent in case you are processing small micro quantity samples. On the other hand, if processing a thick, viscous materials that's likely to put more strain on the motor, then a higher wattage unit shall be required.

Pace control and range - Pace control is a common feature on all types of these devices. Variable speed motor drives assist make the homogenizing process quicker, safer and more thorough. High pace fashions resembling Benchmark Scientific's Bead Blaster provides quick and efficient homogenization in seconds.

Capacity - Every lab equipment model will fluctuate when it comes to options and technical specifications. As an example, BeadBug™ Microtube, 230V from Benchmark Scientific has a capacity to mix, 1, 2 or three tubes simultaneously. A highly compact design, less than about 23 cm wide this mannequin operates at a pace of 2800 to 4000rpm. However, this manufacturer's BeadBlaster™ Microtube mixes as much as 24 tubes simultaneously and delivers fast, environment friendly homogenization in about 35 seconds.

Processing range - It's essential to consider the processing range that includes the quantity or pattern measurement to be processed. As an example, a number of pattern sizes ranging from micro liters to thousands of liters will be processed using the same device. Choose the appropriate generator or software suitable to match the precise quantity range. Go for a model that delivers quick sample test results within minimal time.

Price - Reliable suppliers provide high quality devices at competitive prices. Evaluate prices and specs of assorted fashions to make the correct choice.
Select a Reliable Provider
Earlier than purchasing homogenizers, it is essential to choose a reliable and established laboratory equipment supplier. Selecting an online supplier will enable you to purchase quality products at competitive prices. Different benefits

Facility to match different models and make the proper selection
Competitive pricing and warranty
Quick delivery
Superior put up-sales assist

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