What Is The Black Lives Matter Movement?
What Is The Black Lives Matter Movement?

What Is The Black Lives Matter Movement?

The Black Lives Matter movement started as a hashtag in 2012, following the loss of life of a Black 17-year-old in the USA named Trayvon Martin. However, the movement only gained real momentum in 2016 as common instances of police brutality were caught on camera and uploaded to social media providing the cause with mandatory media attention. As a result, 2016 noticed worldwide protests using the hashtag BlackLivesMatter and campaigning for an finish to racism across the world.

Racism has occurred via White nations utilizing their power to disclaim Black folks of equality, dignity, and freedom, and ends in unjust treatment. This systemic racism could be damaged down into overt and covert. Overt racism pertains to more seen types of racism reminiscent of police brutality, hate crime, and disproportionate incarceration. Covert racism pertains to the unconscious biases that all of us have.

Last week, the death of George Floyd, a Black man from the USA who died as a result of police brutality, was filmed and has since gone viral on all social media platforms.

Following the video, the Black Lives Matter movement was reignited. Many people, each within the USA and across the world, have been protesting for all of the police officers involved within the loss of life of George Floyd to be charged with murder, as well as protesting against police brutality in general. A few of his final words have been ‘I can’t breathe’, and this has been reiterated worldwide.

His loss of life is not in isolation: Black Individuals Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor also died this year because of racism. Similar to 2012 and 2016, the world is protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement. This has resulted in widespread media attention, celebrity endorsement, and a world reflection on institutionalised racism and the way we should do higher as a global community.

Showing solidarity and the significance of allyship
Black lives matter – now and always. Critics of the movement have tried to argue that the title must be ‘All Lives Matter’. However, this misses the point of the movement. No one questions whether or not White lives matter – society has accepted that as a given.

Black lives, then again, are the ones questioned and in danger. Their lives need combating for. Saying that Black lives matter does not make non-Black lives matter any less. Another way to look at the movement title is: Black Lives Matter Too.

Unless Black lives matter, all lives is not going to matter and therefore the campaign to end racial injustice won't ever be achieved. You should be an ally and assist the message of Black Lives Matter, otherwise you too are part of the problem.

It’s crucial that everyone shows their assist and solidarity. You cannot expect the Black neighborhood, a group which has suffered for so long, to be the only ones making an attempt to resolve a problem that they did not create within the first place. Structural racism has a profound impact on the mental health of all Black people. It is only by coming collectively and joining forces that we will begin to make sure a better high quality of life for Black people. Everybody must play a role in the fight.

White folks have to recognise and understand their privilege, a privilege that they’re not often made to think about however exempts them from the hardship of life that comes with being Black. White individuals then want to make use of this privilege to talk out and take motion with a view to higher society. And by that, we don't imply only posting a black square on social media, tagging 10 associates, and calling it a day. Awareness is great, but it is not enough. These with privilege need to stand with the oppressed and struggle for the oppressed. We all collectively need to take real, tangible action to help the present and future generations.

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